Monday, May 30, 2011

I know, I know, I did NOT need any more fabric, but . . .

Current Stash:

But there was this garage sale . . .  and I ONLY got two fabrics.

This 4 yard piece was 50 cents


this 10 yard bolt was $1.00!!

What would you do??

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Newbies and Quilting Machine

We are getting better on learning more about our Noltings quilting machine. It is really nice to work together with my HD. He has always been my sounding board for my quilt tops when I am unsure about colors, etc.

We learn something new each time we use the machine. We figured out the tension instability was caused by the thread we were using. After we changed out top and bobbin thread, it has beautiful stitches.

We bought the track locks and love it for straight lines. We are still experimenting with various quilting designs. My HD is more aggressive than I am - I let him check out a new pattern and watch a few times before I try it. We have had a few visits with Jack (the ripper) but guess that's how we learn.

We have been doing baby quilts to practice on - just not ready for a big quilt yet but getting closer. My stack of quilt tops keeps growing!!

This bear quilt is the one we utilized the track locks with. The vertical stitching was done freehand (mostly by my HD) and the horizontal using the track locks with both of us working on it.

We both worked on the quilting of the floral quilt.

The rocking horse turned out really nice. We both did some on it but he did most of it.

Practice, practice, practice - that's what I need!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Love Estate Sales . . .

Special thanks to DD for taking me to her friend's estate sale. With the high cost of quilting and sewing materials, this was so great!!

I bought three tape measurers, a roll of stitch witchery, four large Quilter's Rule rulers and nine yards of beautiful high quality quilting fabric - all for a total cost of $10 !!

Just look at this fabric!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

We had a great visit in Amarillo for Mother's Day. Here is Mom with her "bling"!

 It was so good to see everyone while we were there.

Celebrated Teresa's Birthday!


Harold & Pat
Dee Dee & Tom
Marg, Daisy & June
Doug, Barbara & June
John & Barbara

Joe Pat, Daisy, Dozer & June
I didn't get a picture of Fred but got a picture of Faith's beautiful "Love & Peace rosebush that was planted a year ago.

Mom got a new deck, thanks to Marge & Doug, with help from Teresa, Barbara and June. They did a great job! Just in time with all the beautiful plants she got for Mother's Day.

Mom has a yard full of beautiful flowers but I did not get pictures of them this time. Joe Pat brought these in for Mom and they were just beautiful.

Jay called from Afghanistan to wish us all a Happy Mother's Day, Mike & Lili called from Bulgaria, Rosario called as well and Sheri sent wishes too.

We all had a great visit!

Jerry & Daisy

And here I am!

Almost forgot - can't leave out Comet and Halley.