Friday, September 30, 2011

Checkups And Scales -

Had my yearly checkup today and the doctors scales agrees with mine!  I have lost 30 pound since May!!! :O) Still have a few more to lose but I will get there.


we went out for supper. . .

I will be repenting for the next several days for this but it was SO GOOD.  We did not eat it all but more than we should have for one meal. Benny's Italian Restaurant & Pizza place in Azle makes the best White Pizza! In fact all their food is great.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poor Lion!

Darlin' is picking on one of Daisy's favorite toys, the little lion that she carrys carried around by the tail.

I had to stitch a new tail on after she chewed the original one off. It lasted two days!!
 But Daisy loves her anyway!

Cooking again!

It was time to cook up our chicken and pork chops again. Makes it so easy to pull out a dinner package from the freezer and zap it. Really helps with meal preparation, sticking to a good nutrition program and most important - keeps you from having an excuse to eat out! I am so glad he does this for us.

Of course, his helpers were there to assist if he dropped anything! :o)

 Twenty nine pork chops and twenty four chicken breasts will keep us in meals for a good while.

We also cook a large pot of spaghetti and a pot of  potatoes. We put them in portion sizes for the freezer as well. Easy meals, just add veggies!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Watchin' You !

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Monday, September 12, 2011


A little about it:
Azle Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Sting Fling Festival The Sting Fling itself is on Saturday, Sept. 24, but the festivities actually kick off with a concert on Friday, Sept. 23, from 6-9 p.m. showcasing the band Desert Reign.
The main event, Saturday night’s concert, will feature the popular cover band Poo Live Crew from 7-9 p.m.
Admission is free, but there is a cost for ride tickets and items available for sale.

“This year, we’re expanding the youth area to include a bungee jump and zip-line, among other things,” Ware said. “ There will be something for the entire family, including all the kids, Grandma and Grandpa.”

All outdoor activities, including the youth area, outdoor vendors, concerts and the car show, will take place west of the intersection of Roe Street and Central Avenue. The concerts will be in the vacant lot at the southwest corner of the intersection, and vendors and other activities will be in the Compass Bank parking lot.
Indoors at the Azle Community Center at 404 W. Main St. will be additional vendors. (This is where we will be. Look for Bearswatchin' and Just Monkeying Around!)

Here are some of the items we will be selling in our booth so be sure to come see us. Quilts of all sizes (some vintage, hand pieced), quilted tote bags, denim bags with embroidery, little girl's denim purses, wall hangings, pin cushions, quilter gifts, quilt blocks and kits to embroider,  Too many things to mention.

Our DD will have lots of cute things to sell there as well. See some of her things here:

Don't forget, ----Saturday,  SEPTEMBER 24TH, 9AM TO 9PM

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To Quilting -

Vintage Quilt Tops

We have been working on the vintage quilt tops from garage sales and thrift stores. Hope to sell some at a local craft show on the 24th of this month.

This first one, from a thrift store, was scary. There was not one block that was smooth or flat in the whole quilt. So many folds and ripples and was all hand pieced. I was really afraid it would be a nightmare to quilt but my HD did a terrific job on it. He did it on the long arm in a close meandering stitch. Check it out!


The second one he finished quilting just this morning is the largest one we have done. It came from a garage sale, along with three more that we will quilt. HD does such a great job on the long arm. When he gets done, I trim it up and put the binding on. This one was all hand pieced as well - ALL 86 by 97 inches of it! He quilted this one with what we call a "Lazy 8" pattern. Here it is!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What Kinda Deal is this. . . ?

I don't like the way this is working out! I am ready to skip the 65th year all together and go from 64 directly to 66 years old. My HD said 66 is just as bad. The last couple of months our social calendar is all doctor appointments.

I went from feeling just fine one day to waking up with what I still think is sciatic. Went to the chiropractor twice, worked over good and that made it worse. I do not care for those that pop you and have the drop tables. The first one I ever went to did a DNF technique. It is directional non force and he just felt my back and could tell where it was out of place, pushing hard to put it back, I was usually good for about three years with that one visit. My pain started in back to hip, all the way down left leg and into foot. Big toe is numb and I have “foot drop” (foot slaps when I walk). Pain is much less now but am still taking RX for inflammation and pain. Still must be a pinched nerve with the numbness etc. Hope the neurologist's nerve conduction test will show something. (If I survive it – I did tell you I don't like needles- right?)

Also had my lab work done – forgot to do that last year. I thought I was doing so good. Back in May, I decided I wanted to take off excess weight and get some exercising started. I have been watching calories very closely and have officially lost 25 pounds. Our scales were wrong when we started so I am thinking it is really between 25 and 30. Doctor's scales shows 25. Anyway, lab results came back and I am in trouble. My HD has been watching his food intake as well, but he was monitoring the fat more than calories. My total chloresteral was 200 and LDL was a whopping 129. Doctor said to bring it down or get on meds. My HD, who had always had very high readings but is allergic to statins got his results yesterday. The doctor was really shocked and asked if he forgot to write statins on his drug list. It was 165 total and all other readings were in the good range. We were all amazed – the low fat diet DOES work!! HD did GREAT!! I have three months to improve MY readings and have been working faithfully on that.

I have been doing a lot of sewing here lately trying to get things finished for a local craft show. It will be on Saturday, the 24th sponsored by the Azle Chamber of Commerce. The other evening after I quit, I started having flashes of light and seeing thread and spider webs in one eye. Was very worried it might be a detached retina but after a visit to a retina office, it appears I have a vitreous detachment, according to the technician. The doctor was not available that day but I will see him on Thursday to make sure her diagnosis was correct.

All this almost makes me afraid to get out of bed!!! ;o)

I hope to put a few pictures on my blog of what we will take to the show in the next week or so – keep watching!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

We did some rearranging in the house. When the air conditioner was on, and here lately it is on a LOT, we could not hear the television in our little "TV room".

So we took all the furniture out of there and moved it into the office, taking some of the furniture from there to the now "sitting room".

 "Sitting room"

Office / Entertainment

This room still needs a bit of work, straightening up. We hope to find us a small love seat or twin futon to go in place of the full size futon, making more room for the big rocking chair - my HD's favorite chair and maybe my favorite table with sewing stuff stashed in it. It is so nice to be able to hear the TV now with the air conditioner on!

Lost my Lil' Darlin" . . . for a few minutes

 We could not find her yesterday. She was not in the back yard. Looked in the front yard just in case she slipped out when HD went out. Not there. Checked the house and didn't see her. Called and she did not come.

Looked in the big bedroom closet, sewing room closet. and finally checked the middle bedroom closet which is full of stuff. I forgot I had looked in there earlier for some hangers. There she was just sittin' and waitin' !!

Sure scared us - she is a little toot but we love her.

We did get her an ID tag. Perfect size for her little 3 pound body.