Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've been "scrapping"!

You can do so many things with 2 inch strips cut from your scrap fabric. 

I still need a bunch of blocks but I like the way they look laying out on a sheet.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Girls . . .

We have been pup sitting for our "granddog" for a couple of weeks. She is very well behaved and polite. I am afraid we have spoiled her "a little"!

All three get along really well but it can get rather noisy when they all get to playing. All I have to do to stop it is pull out my phone for a video or picture and they can't be found. They do not line up well for a picture! LOL

Darlin', Daisy & Coco  

Our sweet girls, Darlin' & Daisy

I actually cooked . . .


 Stuffed garden fresh peppers with finely chopped turkey, rice, tomatoes and onions AND garlic!! Topped with feta cheese.

(Thanks again, Kathy for sharing your garden produce with us.)

Garden fresh green beans that I had blanched and put into the freezer - so good!

Again, garden fresh Okra with tomatoes, a little rice, onion and of course garlic.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coffee - Keurig Style.

We love our Keurig coffee maker. Our kids gave it to us for Christmas and we enjoy the K cups but also bought a couple of the refillable cups to use with regular coffee. We have used Folders Silk at first then found our favorite - Community coffee. It also comes in Dcaf, which is my "afternoon delight" so I can  sleep at night.

Anyway, our Keurig started acting up and we discovered that others were having the same problems with them- Prime problem. We called customer service and followed the "fix" suggestion that did not take care of the issue. We called back the following day and the customer service was great! They sent us a new coffee maker and all we had to do was to mail them the Kcup insert as proof of purchase.

The new one works great most of the time. The water tank is a slight different shape and the pump sounds different and is much quieter. It has had the prime problem a few times since we got it but is bearable for now.

We are grateful that some companies still know what CUSTOMER SERVICE means. Our issue is that you can only register three of them so if we have to replace this one and have trouble with another?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good Week's Work!

We took a trip to the Austin area to do a bit of work for our little "home away from home" - 5th wheel trailer parked at our youngest son's house. Sunday traffic on I35 was a parking lot, bumper to bumper and slow. We also had the wind against us but in our big diesel truck, still got good mileage at 20+.

After we had gone too far to turn back we realized we had left our clothes - jeans & shirts at home - Goodwill here we come! Daughter-in-law gave me one pair of jeans and I had a couple pair of shorts. DH bought some jeans and is down to a 29" waist!! Wow, he is looking good!

DH figured out how to make "Tinkerbell", our GPS have a hissy fit. He missed a parking spot at a rest area and had to back up and she repeated "recalculate" over and over just as fast as she could!!
We took our daughter-in-law and grandson to the airport to meet up with our son who was in a training class in Virginia. They will have a vacation while returning home. We will dog sit with their dog Coco 'til they return. She has a great time with Daisy & Darlin'. 

We needed to put a water line and electricity to the kids building, a hookup for their hot tub when it is moved and put in an RV plug. We were not sure we would get it done because of the heat that first day. After that the mornings were cloudy but cool enough to work. You can see from DH's shirt, what our friend Alvin from Cross Plains, called stupid juice (sweat). :) 
 We rented a trencher to do most of the digging but still had some to do with a pick with all the rock. 

 Put in the electric wire inside conduit, added a breaker and a couple of junction boxes.


  Loop to hook up hot tub after it is moved into position.

Water connections from house to building.

 Marker for junction box.

 Inspectors exhausted after hard work!

Trenches all covered up. 

 We put another breaker box in the building with breakers for the building light and wall plug and for the RV box. 


We got a lot done and visited with our oldest son and several meals with him as well this week. It was hard work but feel good about what all we accomplished.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden Fresh is the Best!

We had a good visit with DH's brother, Richard and his wife, Kathy, last Saturday. They have a really nice place outside of the city - so nice and peaceful out there. 

Kathy has a big garden and shared with us. There is nothing that tastes as good as vegetables fresh from the garden!! We were leaving town for a few days so we put the green beans (6 pkgs), okra and peppers in the freezer and took some tomatoes, cucumbers and squash with us. They were so good! 

Thanks again, Richard & Kathy. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Few of My Guys -

Son, Mike;  son-in-law, Perry; 
grandson, Jacob (age 12); grandson, Brenden (age 14)

Those grandsons are growing too fast!

Birthdays -

Why is it so hard to think up things to make for boys for their birthdays and easy  to sew for girls - big and little quilts, clothes, dolls and clothes, headbands, etc, etc?

Perhaps when the boys are (forgive me Mom), DRIVING, I can make things for their cars. Until then, I guess a check will have to do so they can pick out something they like that won't sit on the shelf and collect dust! Two grandsons are getting to be close to that age now.

Anyway, I wanted to share the small quilt I made for one of my granddaughters. Her Mom sneaked her outgrown clothes away from her last year and I just now got around to using them in the quilt pattern I found in one of my quilt magazines. I think she likes it.

The pattern is called "Dressed to the Nines". She had fun remembering what clothes the dresses came from - dress, shorts, pants or jacket. She loves pinks and purples!

  I used a fabric with butterflies for the backing.