Sunday, March 9, 2014

June's Quilt Re-do.

We recently quilted an older quilt top for my sister June. She wanted an older quilt redone. It had originally been tied and she wanted it quilted. All done!.

A Soldiers Story Quilt

Our son, Jay asked us last year if we would make him a quilt using his army uniforms to tell his "Soldier Story". His blog:

He had a design in mind with specific items he wanted in it but was happy with our final layout. With helpful suggestions from his Pop and sister, I think we created a really nice design.

I had no idea what using the uniforms entailed. I got up close and VERY friendly with Jack, the ripper (as in seam)! Those uniforms are made from the toughest fabric I have ever encountered. So I ripped up seams, patches and Velcro from three different styles of jackets (two of each) and two pair of pants. And the thread - I broke my favorite seam ripper trying to take buttons off.

This was a labor of love! He mentioned that others might like to have one made when they see his - I told him IF I were to make any more, they would be VERY expensive.

I am pleased with the design and hope the quilting will go OK considering the tough fabric. I took the velcro off and stitched the patches on but my DH will work around them when quilting it.
 The beginning - ideas for layout and gathering supplies.

 The Uniforms:

Psalm 91

Prayer sent from Dallas American Legion

Placeholder for ordered US Army block

First block layout
Second layout looked better

Almost ready to quilt - just a few more patches needed.
My DH, (his Dad) quilted it. It was a challenge to do since he went around all the patches (36 of them) and the pockets. I recommended leaving the pockets open for two reasons. First because they were several layers thick and secondly, because it would be a nice place for notes from his sons and grandchildren.

The finished quilt!

The back

The label:
This quilt was made with love for Chief Warrant Officer,  Jerry P. Biggerstaff by his Mom,  Chris Biggerstaff, with some layout suggestions from sister, Sheri Duderstadt and quilted by his Dad, Jerry Biggerstaff, Sr.. It was made with his uniforms, honoring his service in Texas, Iraq and Afghanistan. 
March 7, 2014