Monday, April 28, 2014

Golden Girls Tea

Golden Girls Tea at our church.
     A special time of fellowship was held for all of our golden girls age 65 years young and up on Saturday, April 26 from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Those interested in attending signed up on the Ladies Ministry Bulletin Board.
     Our younger ladies volunteered to make finger sandwiches and sweet breads for the Golden Girls Tea.  A sign-up sheet for this was also posted on the Women’s Ministry Bulletin Board. Our hostesses, the elders wives, did a great job planning the event, attended by about 35 of our Golden Girls. The food was very good and as a bonus, each of us was given our china cup and saucer to take home with us.

Debra's Wedding Gift To Daughter

Debra's Vintage quilt      

We were asked by a church member if we would quilt one of her mother's quilt tops for a special wedding gift for her daughter. The top looked to have been paper pieced with some hand stitching and some by machine.

  It was a challenge, for sure as many pieces were cut on the bias and stretched. Blocks were different sizes so the top did not lay flat. I stitched some leaders to top and bottom so it could be quilted right up to the edge.

My DH did the quilting and did an amazing job with it, using a close meandering stitch. She was very happy with the results.

We were not able to attend the wedding but I did attend the shower and took a few pictures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Craigslist Kenmore Machine Find!

I like to browse sewing items on Craigslist and happened to see a Kenmore machine listed that was missing the foot control. I asked for and received pictures and the model number 19233.

Checking the model out online it was listed as identical to the Janome DC5100, selling for $499 to $699. It appeared that the foot control off my Janome 8000 (machine that no longer works) or my 9000 would work on the Kenmore 19233. After getting lost (I looked up Avenue instead of Street on gps), we finally found the address. Sure enough, the foot control worked and all the 8000 feet & accessories will work as well!!

The girl got the machine from her mother two years ago and never used it. Actually, it looks like no one ever used it - brand new condition!! It was dirty on the outside from being stored but the inside was spanking clean!

The machine has great feature that I love on my other machines - needle threader, needle up/down selection, etc. It works great and the best part is it was only $50.00!!! I got a really great buy!

I have used this machine all week and it is a great machine. I really, really like it.

I will go back now to my favorite -  Janome MC9000 to give it a workout after $250 in repairs. 

It had not been feeding properly since I had it in the shop for service a couple of years ago. 

I finally took it to a different shop. They said it was probably just an adjustment of the feeddogs as they were not raised but it turned out a piece that controls the feed dogs in the very bottom of the machine was broken.  It feeds well now and even has a different sound to it. It is nice to be able to control the stitch length and not have tiny stitches from it not feeding the fabric.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mom's 90th Birthday Celebration.

"There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe 
There was an old woman  
who lived in a shoe, 
She had so many children 

she didn't know what to do; 
She gave them some broth 
without any bread; 
She whipped them all soundly 
and put them to bed. "

There were twenty-three family members gathered at Mom's to celebrate her 90th birthday. She is doing really well and it was a great ice cream and cake party for her.

A sister from Lubbock had a friend make a beautiful (entirely appropriate) cake for her. It was the old woman in the shoe, who had so many children she didn't know what to do! Well, Mom always knew what to do!!
And it was a really good cake - this was all that was left of it!!

The shoe had a tree beside it with four little faces in it, representing my four brothers, Joe, Harold, Robert and Tom. It also had a door and windows with nine faces in them, representing me, my six sisters, June, Marg, Kathy, Faith (RIP), Barbara and Teresa. One face was another sister, Patsy (RIP),who passed away at an early age. Mom was the face peeking out the door!

We thank God for this wonderful Mom who has always watched over us all these years! We love her.