Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Azle Church Of Christ Dorcus Circle

On Saturday, September 20th, these 14 ladies came together to make items for the Chimala Mission in Africa. Those items included diaper shirts, book bags and light weight blankets. I am so proud to be a part of this group helping others.

Some ladies brought their machines, irons and ironing boards, cutters and mats and all other items needed to make this a successful venture. There were ladies who did not sew but marked patterns onto fabric and cut them out, making the sewing much faster.

We produced a total of 10 blankets, 10 book bags and 5 diaper shirts in the works (just needed buttonholes and buttons). We all enjoyed the sewing event and the fellowship. We even had a birthday celebration.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank You, Walgreens!

Well, it's that time of year once again -  get your flu shot - get your flu shot, etc, etc.

My DH and I were doing some shopping at Sams Club and decided to get our flu shots. We filled out all the paperwork and waited for them to process it. Both being senior citizens and on medicare, it should have been a breeze like last year and previous years.

SNAG . . . MINE went thru fine and I got my shot, but not HD's. Let's see -we were told his medicare supplement (CarenCare) would not cover it, since his prescription coverage was on a different insurance (BCBS) and they could not file on that insurance.

OK, so we go to CVS (Caremark), where he gets all his prescriptions. They cannot get it to go thru on CarenCare medical, caremark RX or BCBS.

Next stop Walgreens (where we got them last year). They put his info in and it went right through-did not know what the problem is with other places. So he finally got his flu shot!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Another T-shirt Quilt Finished.

This quilt was requested by a co-worker of a church friend. I had made her a t-shirt quilt for her daughter's graduation {Brook's Quilt). After her friend saw it, she wanted one for her granddaughter from her t-shirts.

It was a bit of a challenge figuring the layout with four shirts that were wider and longer than the others but I think they worked out great in the middle.

I really wish more people understood what all goes into the making of a quilt. Ideally the person requesting it will be involved in the final design to make any changes as needed.

Most people only think about the 'quilting', not about the materials that go into it. T-shirt quilts are handled different to keep them from stretching when being sewn. Special backing is ironed on after blocks are cut, lattice between the blocks is next, then fabrics for borders. After the quilt top is done, you need batting and the backing fabric. I use low loft batting for t-shirt quilts since they make a heavy quilt. The quilting is done next, then trimmed up and more fabric for the binding.

There is a considerable amount of work  materials going into making a quilt that many people are not aware of. Part of the problem may be the mass produced 'cheap' quilts coming from other countries.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Baby Quilts

I made a couple of baby quilts for a good friend's granddaughters.

This first one was for Aubrey, who is three years old. My friend said she really enjoyed picking out the letters from her name off the alphabet on the backing.

This one was for the new baby granddaugter, Taylor Grace.

Both girls have such beautiful names.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ladies Ministry Breakfast

We had a ladies ministry breakfast this last month with lots of food and fellowship. Just getting to know one another a little better was so nice. The food was wonderful and the fellowship hall was beautifully decorated for the event. The men did a great job serving us.

We shared prayers, stories and ideas and had a really good group. I think the number was the largest we have had for the breakfast. After the meal, all coordinators signed up those interested in their particular ministry.

We are a small church and encourage ladies to participate by having a number of ministries for all interests. We have coordinators for each to advise and organize. We have twenty three listed ministries, included are some new ones. Some may not make if a certain number do not sign up. One of the new ones is the Dorcas Circle and I will be co-coodinator of it. More about it in another blog post.

Estate Sale Fabric

My DH and I went to some garage sales a while back. We did not find a lot, but I found an estate sale with some fabric.

I got nine yards of white muslin, six yards each of pastel green, yellow and pink, two yards each of a blue and violet print and half yard each of a couple of pink prints.

Total of 32 yards for $15!!

Also got a cute little rocking chair pin cushion.