Friday, July 24, 2015

Samsung SO CALLED customer service.

My DH bought me a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 inch tablet (Titanium Bronze) along with the matching Samsung keyboard/case. I received it on June 14th and it worked fine for about a month, then the keyboard started acting up and quit pairing with the tablet.

We have a Logitech bluetooth keyboard that pairs right up with it but the Samsung one made for it will NOT work.

We tried every suggestion we heard about to make it work, including a hard reset on July 21st that Samsung told us would take care of it -it did not!

My HD spent over 2 hours on the phone today, July 24th, being transferred from one person to another to another. Finally got a tech person, who had us turn contol of tablet to him and he worked for a long while trying to fix it. He finally said the keyboard is bad and told us to tell that to the person he was transferring us to. That person started all over again with questions, not listening to us or what the other tech said.

HD posted on Samsung facebook page as well as a review on Amazon about the keyboard and their customer service.

So I guess I have a tablet with no keyboard/case unless I use the larger Logitech separately. I am not pleased at all with Samsung's customer service or warranty. I will not purchase another from them.
This is with the Logitech.

This is the Samsung unit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trees and RV's !!

I used to like trees until I had a yard full of them. They are one of God's beautiful creations but can sometimes be a real pain. I don't like them anymore.

 Guess what we did last Friday and Saturday?

 Did I mention that I don't like trees? A tree did this.

We are getting it all cleaned up and checked out so we can list it for sale. Hate to see it go as it has been absolutely the best RV we have ever owned. Holiday Rambler is QUALITY, even  at 20 years old! Just got to be too much for us to handle now.

 It is a good looking nice trailer. We put the slide in so we could cover the trailer.

 Some pictures of slide, awning and inside were taken a few years ago.

Hoping to keep it a bit cleaner but left the door side open to do some work inside.