Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Family Calendars 2015

Another Family Calendar.

It is really handy to have all the birthdays and anniversaries on the calendar. With this large family it is hard for even me to keep track of everyone - and I keep the genealogy data base!! I frequently have to look up to see who belongs to who. I did put together a list for Mom of grandkids, great grandkids and great greats with parents names to help us all out!!

When I first started doing the calendar, I tried to put family pictures on each day but soon discovered with a large family, there was not room for two or three in one day.

I don't know for sure how long I have been doing these as in the beginning I did not save my cover pages but I do have them dated back to 1993 and two before that with no dates on them.

I usually make about 15 copies for the family. That allows one for each brothers (4) and sister's (6) families, two for Mom and two extras.

Sometimes I have difficulty coming up with cover pages but this year it came to me early.

Chimala Mission 2015

Once again, our congregation made and gathered supplies for the Chimala Mission. I think this was the largest contribution thus far.

Our sewing endeavor produced 54 diaper shirts, 49 lightweight blankets and 43 book bags. Other items donated were medical products, everyday needs and lots of school supplies.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a success!!

Gathering and displaying all the donations  to be picked up on November 24th.

Our Chimala coordinator, Mary Tuck, who does a great job!