Friday, July 8, 2016

Annie . .

 I went looking for a little puppy like our Daisy that we lost a couple of months ago. There just are not many Chipins (Chihuahua/Minpin) out there.  I found this little teacup chihuahua doll on Craigs List and we both had to have her when we saw her. She was with a brother and sister who were slightly larger than her.

When I asked about seeing the parents to judge what size she would end up being, we were told that the parents were lost in a fire and the pups had been bottle fed. She was said to be eight weeks old as of last week. She is the runt - smallest of the three at 1 lb 2 oz.

Most all our dogs have been named starting with a "D" but I could not find anything that seemed to suit her. Jerry said her name should be Annie, since she is an orphan. (Orphan) Annie ia a great name for her.

She has been missing her siblings some at night but is doing very well. We do have to either take her outside or boost her thru the puppy door. When we do boost her, she runs right out to the grass and tinkles. She is a good girl.

One week later, we missed her from the back yard and found that she has already learned to use the puppy door.

As with all puppies, she likes to chew - especially on people.

I think Mom likes her, even if she is tiny.

Darlin' is scared of her but will now at least stay in the same room with her. Coco puts up with none of her nonsense but we think Coco is responsible for Annie learning the puppy door use so quickly.


Toys are a bit large for her so we are thankful for the "rope" toy that Sheri made for her out of shoestrings! I also had some tiny stuffed dogs I got from garage sales that are just the right size for her. The teething rings are a bit large but she likes them anyway.

She found a nice place to take a nap!

We are having some repair work done on the house with workers coming in and out the door and having the back gate open. Since Annie found the puppy door, it has been a challenge to keep watch on her. She goes tearing out the door - she is fast for such short legs. She goes out, then lays right in front of the door blocking everyone else!! She's a mess.

Annie's first vet visit went well. She is healthy and is now at 1 ;b 13 oz. She did not like the shot but the vet made up for it giving her a couple of treats.