Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Forty-nine years, two sons, a daughter, two daughter-in-laws, a son-in-law, four grandsons, three granddaughters, a great grandson, and three great granddaughters!! And it all started with a blind date.

God has blessed us with another year together. He has really been with us over the last year through a number of medical issues.

I pray that God will give Jerry and I many more happy and healthy years together.
Happy 49th Anniversary
Jerry, I Love You!

One more time-

 It was such a pretty day we decided to
take a walk,
And we had not gone ten steps
before I knew
That you and I are long past
the point of no return.

Hand in hand we go
Still close, still loving,
Still looking and overlooking
The flaws we hide from others.

Side by side we move,
Sometimes closer, sometimes farther apart
Because of ways we read and talk,
Agree and disagree.

Step by step we advance
Against the cynics,
Those all-knowing unknowings who honestly think
Marriage is dead.

But how can marriage be dead
In a world I choose to walk with you?

How can marriage be dead,
So long as we still seek, still cling,
still want each other?

So at this corner of our life,
Stop and listen to me now, my love,
I still seek,
I still cling,
I still want
To walk the rest of the way with you.

In this uncertain world
This much I know for certain:
I still love you.

Monday, March 23, 2015


. . .and a little wood!

The chairs in the sound room at our church were in really bad condition. I told my DH a few months ago that I wanted to work on them.

Life got in the way, so we just got to them this week. I say "we" because the chairs needed more than just new fabric. My HD did a lot of repair work as the backs had shredded thin plywood that needed replacing and some other repairs.

We got both chairs done in one day and they look so much better!


Thanks to a granddaughter's Christmas gift, I made our fur babies little quilts.

The fabrics were all about dogs. I made Darlin's first and the picture of her and quilt was on day two!! (I also call her CHEWY!!) Note the chunk out of the edge.

Daisy likes her quilt as well. She likes to bury herself under it. 
I also made them some soft fuzzy pillows and they got more attention than the quilts.

There is a puppy under this quilt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dorcas Circle Sewing Event 2

On November 1st, 2014, eight members of our group gathered at the church to make adult bibs and lap blankets for our local nursing home. We had a total of 38 bibs and 8 blankets that day. Several ladies also made some at home so we wound up with a total of 55 bibs and 21 blankets.

We all enjoyed sewing them, the fellowship together and making items for those in need. Even had one man helping out at the ironing board (as well as taking some great photos, bringing donuts and lunch)! Thanks to my DH.

The two coordinators, as well as two ladies who frequently visit there, delivered them to the nursing home activities director, who will hand them out as needed. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My $5.00 machine!!

My friends who sew, have you cleaned your machine lately, including opening up the bottom of your machine? It might look like this one - check out the last two pictures!

I found this one at a garage sale Friday for $5.00. All parts are there and after my DH took the tension disks apart and put them together correctly, it sews great (even before we dicovered the condition the bottom was in).

The cabinet is not in very good condition as one leaf is missing and the door needs work but I think we got a great buy!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Azle Church Of Christ Dorcus Circle

On Saturday, September 20th, these 14 ladies came together to make items for the Chimala Mission in Africa. Those items included diaper shirts, book bags and light weight blankets. I am so proud to be a part of this group helping others.

Some ladies brought their machines, irons and ironing boards, cutters and mats and all other items needed to make this a successful venture. There were ladies who did not sew but marked patterns onto fabric and cut them out, making the sewing much faster.

We produced a total of 10 blankets, 10 book bags and 5 diaper shirts in the works (just needed buttonholes and buttons). We all enjoyed the sewing event and the fellowship. We even had a birthday celebration.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank You, Walgreens!

Well, it's that time of year once again -  get your flu shot - get your flu shot, etc, etc.

My DH and I were doing some shopping at Sams Club and decided to get our flu shots. We filled out all the paperwork and waited for them to process it. Both being senior citizens and on medicare, it should have been a breeze like last year and previous years.

SNAG . . . MINE went thru fine and I got my shot, but not HD's. Let's see -we were told his medicare supplement (CarenCare) would not cover it, since his prescription coverage was on a different insurance (BCBS) and they could not file on that insurance.

OK, so we go to CVS (Caremark), where he gets all his prescriptions. They cannot get it to go thru on CarenCare medical, caremark RX or BCBS.

Next stop Walgreens (where we got them last year). They put his info in and it went right through-did not know what the problem is with other places. So he finally got his flu shot!