Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Main Bathroom Remodel

We remodeled our main/guest bathroom and love the way it turned out.

First thing we did was take the mirror down to reveal this LOVELY wall paper behind it!!! We had to have the mirror cut down some since the new vanity was taller and longer than the old one.

Took the vanity apart and later put it back together with a solid top to use for patio storage.

There were no cutoff for the water so of course when we went to put them in, one of the pipes broke. Plumber was very prompt to fix so we were not out of water long.

We took the wall out that was between the commode and vanity.

The man we hired to do the tile did a great job. We highly recommend him. He also did our office tile last year.

I noticed he even cut the tiny piece out for around the window sills. Details!

We found the granite top on Craig's List and got the vanity from Lowe's. It is a great match!

 So glad to have our second bathroom back!!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas in Amarillo 2016

We had a wonderful visit at Mom's house. Wish I had gotten more pictures of everyone. So glad that Mike and family and Sheri & family as well. I know Mom was happy to see all of them.

June's new puppy Roxie is a ball of fluff and energy I wish I had. She is a cutie!!

Thanks again to my sister, Barbara and brother-in-law, John for hosting our Christmas Eve celebration. We estimated about 65 or so in attendance this years. It was so good to see everyone.

We did our usual Chinese gift exchange, stealing packages from each other. All in fun!

We all had a good time and probably ate too much of the food and sweets!