Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Yesteryear Garage Sale Quilt top

This one is a real treasure!
Butterflies in Flight Quilt completed in 1997
 The quilt was made from already embroidered blocks I found at a garage sale in Odessa Texas for – can you guess? . . . $2.00 !! There were enough blocks for a full size bed and two pillows to match. I embroidered little butterflies around the borders with scalloped quilting lines between them. The backing has muslin around the edges and a pretty floral fabric in the center.

Yesteryear Garage Sale Finds. . .

Trip Around the World Neighborhood
I found this quilt top at an Odessa, Texas garage sale. The daughter who sold it said the pieces were cut by her grandmother and hand pieced by her mother in the 1950’s.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poor Mom

This wall hanging was made for my mother for Mother's Day 2006. I machine embroidered the names of all my siblings and their spouses. Mom is a special lady to have survived all of us growing up.

New to Blogging

Bear with me as I learn about blogging . My thanks to my daughter for helping me set this one up. I am sure she will be getting lots of emails and IM's from me for awhile.

I have managed to finish a number of quilts since I got hooked on it. I consider myself a middle-of-the-road quilter – not good but not bad (most of the time). I agree with whoever said if you can’t see the error from a galloping horse at 100 yards, it is OK! Somehow I still have many UFO still waiting attention.

I hope to make quilts for each grandchild this year but am off to a slow start, with only one completed and another started. One down, at least seven more to go. That reminds me of what my Daddy said some 43 years ago ( next week) after I got married. “One down, six to go”! I have six sisters and I am the oldest – older. That doesn’t count the four brothers.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wrinkles the Robot

(Note: I lost some of my blog pictures a while back so I am reposting a few.)
Wrinkles the Robot made in March of 2009.<
Small Means picture

"Wrinkles" the robot was created for a special grandson, Brenden who has a fascination with robots. He has Aspergers and has had some serious issues with that when he was younger. He is now 14 and doing very well, thanks to a great Mom and Dad. While blog browsing, I found "Small Means" with a small picture of a very nice robot pattern that I thought he would really enjoy. I had to adapt the pattern size and layout my own design, using a "by gosh and by golly" measurements to make a full size robot quilt.

Started with the robot, then added the borders.  So glad he liked it so well.

His brother liked it as well but he wanted a full size puppy quilt. That will be another post.

I included a card with this note for him to help through difficult times:
About your “Wrinkles” quilt:
The background is all the same material but looks a little different. Some pieces were turned different directions but work just as well. The border pieces are all different sizes – some started out all wadded up and wrinkled. After ironing out the wrinkles, they all fit together and worked nicely together. Kinda like life, once we iron out the wrinkles (problems), things go smoothly. You have had a lot of wrinkles to iron out and have done a great job with most of them. Keep up the good work. I am very proud of you and love you very much. Grandma

Quilts Unlimited.....

Welcome! Enjoy my projects that I wanted to share.