Monday, June 29, 2009

Dusted it off . . .

After a year plus of non use, got new tags for it, checked it out, cleaned it up and started packing for a trip to the Texas Panhandle. With this Texas heat, HD suggested I make some covers for our folding chairs to keep us from the "hot seat" when we sit in them. We will only be gone for about a week . . . this time!

We are going to see Mom, and hopefully sisters; Faith, June, Barbara and Teresa and brothers; Joe Pat, Harold and Tom. Sister Marge might be in that area but doubt that sister Kathy will be. Brother Robert won't be there this time either. We sure need some new group pictures of all of us.
It is really hard to get that number of siblings together in one spot at the same time with everyone busy with their families and lives. I have been giving a family calendar every year for Christmas for the last 20 + years and the count seems to go up every year. I make them for my family, the in-laws and each of our kids. I counted 102 entries for this year on my family calendar and 39 on in-law's calendar. Didn't even look at the kids calendar count. Our DD caught a great picture of my father-in-law. Don't tell him but I will use it for this year's calendar cover!
 I have been keeping genealogy records for several years now. It makes it easy to update the genealogy database and the calendar events program at the same time with any additions or corrections. I have records dating back to Ireland and even have a copy of the ship's log when my great grandfather came over.
Wish I had been closer to my grandparents growing up. I am sure they had lots of stories they could tell. My grandfather acquired his ranch land in New Mexico from the land rush and bought out neighbors when they decided to move on. We spent some time out on the ranch but it was sold some time ago. Lots of good memories there!


  1. I love that picture of Grandpa! Has he seen it? We need to take some pics of the boys from the other day to him and should take one of that too. Also the picture from Em's party of the three brothers and him.

  2. I don't know if he has seen it. I was saving it for the calendar cover so we haven't shown it to him.