Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mmmmmmmm Good Neighbor!

We had just pulled out of my father-in-law's driveway from a Father's Day last minute get together in Ft. Worth, when our cell phone rang. It was a friend and neighbor from home who asked us to stop by on our way back into town for a "beverage".

When we got there he was bragging on a portable sink we had given him because it really helps him with his gardens. He said since it is light weight, he takes it wherever he needs it. He grows most all his vegetables and doesn't use any pesticides on them.

He had the sink full of fresh corn on the cob for us. He said it is so sweet, you can eat it raw. I tried it after we got home and ate three pieces that way. It is so good. We put most of it in the freezer, but did have some with our salad and yellow squash for supper. I heated it up this time.

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  1. Oh Yum!!! How fabulous to have neighbors with gardens who share!