Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparing for Thanksgiving Day and a Birthday Party!

This Thanksgiving we going to my father in law's for our family gathering. We are not only celebrating Thanksgiving but his 85th birthday as well tomorrow! I think I counted a possible 19 who will be there for the celebration.

Everyone coming will be bringing food so there will be plenty there. Here is what we are bringing.

The Black Forest ham has the best flavor. A couple of extra thick slices to leave for my FIL.


I always make two kinds of potato salad. My HD like the mustard kind with mashed potatoes and I prefer the white with chunks and Miracle Whip.

A special request from my FIL was for deviled eggs so my HD and I made those.

Cherry pie always goes good. Thanks Mom for showing me how to make the lattice top.

Hope to take pictures tomorrow of the party.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Goodbye Dach Monster


 January 1, 1994 --

November 18, 2009

It was time. . . he was ready. . . I thought I was ready-

I think one of the hardest decisions we make is when it is time to put a beloved pet to sleep. When there is no quality of life left for them, we are still selfishly holding on to them instead of letting them go.

I know people say "it's just a dog" but after loving and caring for them for almost 16 years, they are family.

I know that this decision was made with love for him by giving him freedom from pain and age related problems but it was so difficult for me and my HD.

Dach was the first little red fuzzy dachshund to come into our lives, followed by sister Dora six months later. They have been very special to us and we spoiled them shamelessly over the years.

Dach's health has really deteriorated this year so he was the first to leave us. We loved him and will miss him tremendously.

Dora has some health problems as well but thus far not as bad.

My HD and I have decided not to adopt any more pets. Our little Coco will be going back to her old family, our son, daughter in law and grandson, where she is well loved.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crossed Eyes

Grandaughters who cross their eyes when Grandma wants a picture!

That's much better!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Past Wall Hangings and Quilts

Amber Waves of Grain Wall Hanging 1997
I found this pattern in one of my quilting books  and enlarged it in three steps to the size I wanted. Most of the fabrics in this one came from my friend Mitsuko in Japan. I made a matching one for her as well. I entered this one at the Permian Basin Fair in Odessa Texas and awarded a red ribbon for it.

Faraway Fabrics Signature Quilt 1997

This wall hanging was made of fabrics from around the world. When my HD was traveling, he would bring fabric from whatever country he was visiting. I embroidered the name of the country in each block that fabric came from. I started this after he had been traveling for awhile so I didn’t get some from every country where he went. Included is fabric from England (from my friend Maureen), Taiwan, India,  Germany, Singapore, Japan and the USA.

Trip Around the World 1995
This one was made for my daughter and son-in-law.  I also made a Welcome Wall Hanging to match the colors of the quilt.

Flower Basket Quilt 1995
This one was made for my son and daughter-on-law for Christmas.