Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Official . . .

- we have moved! OK, here's the deal. We have been actively looking for several months now. We wanted to find somewhere not too far from family and with taxes within our fixed income budget; yet closer to city shopping and medical facilities. We decided on Azle, TX.

We did not pick the best weekend to move - with Valentine's Day and lots of snow and fog, it made the drive challenging. We are very grateful to our DS, Jay for all his help and our DIL, Rosario for sharing him for the weekend. We could not have done it without him – organizing, helping load and driving the truck. Also thank DD, Sheri and SIL, Perry and nephew, Bruce for the help unloading and furnishing lunch.

We kept it a secret from my father-in-law as a surprise. My brother-in-law took him for a ride and when they drove by, told him he thought he knew the people who lived here and wanted to say hello. When my DH opened the door, my FILl did a doubletake! We live 16 miles from him now and he is very happy with that.

We are closer to DD, a brother & sister-in-law and about the same distance from everyone else.

Our old house, in a small town, is on the market and although we hope for a fairly quick sale, we will leave it in our realtor's hands and move to our new home close to the metroplex.

We will miss our friends here, those community neighbors from our crafting days and those very special friends from our local Senior Center.

I will miss this big house (even though we didn't even use a couple of rooms) and the outbuildings with storage room -a big garage with loft, a shop, a portable building with two lofts and a huge RV cover.

I won't miss us having to mow four lots or having to drive 60 miles round trip to the nearest Walmart ! !

Most of all, for the past year, I have worried about the distance to hospitals. My DH had a heart attack in August of 2008, early on a Sunday morning and the hospital was 50 miles away. I got him there in time, driving our little 'toaster' car (Scion) at speeds of 105 miles an hour. My HD. the good Lord, nor I wish to do that ever again. He is doing great now.

Our DS (middle child) sent me this doctored picture of my car after our quick trip to the hospital.

Anyway, I will feel more confident being closer to medical facilities and family, especially as we get older. And the convenience of a variety of places to shop within a few mile is wonderful.