Sunday, March 28, 2010

Favorite Father-in-law

This is my favorite, actually my only father-in-law (FIL).

When I first met my HD, he was in the service and  talked me into going to meet his parents when I was visiting a cousin close to where they lived.  My cousin and I decided to do a drive-by to check out the neighborhood and house. 
My HD didn't tell me that the street DEADENDED right past their house!! We were embarrassed to discover my FIL saw us the first time we drove by and wanted to know why we didn't stop the first time we drove by.
That was almost 45 years ago and I have come to know him and love him, even though he is ornery and doesn't behave. He is very special to me.

My Air Force HD and I lived in Virginia in the beginning. His family came to see us and took me back to Texas to visit my family several months later. We traveled, camping out, on the way to Texas, stopping at a state park in Oklahoma. I went to take my shower after they had theirs. They neglected to tell me there was NO hot water. My FIL asked if I enjoyed my shower. Being pregnant, the ice water was a shock to both me and my unborn son, Mike.

We always ask each other if we are behaving and after all these years have pretty well agreed that we never do. It's more fun that way but we do stay in trouble.

I think he is very happy that we are now only about 16 miles from his house. He recently got a computer from another son and grandson. I hope he has the patience to learn it so he can keep up more with family through emails. He is almost 86 but is pretty sharp. I know he enjoys getting email and pictures.

You are never too old to learn!

Hospitals; Patients or is it Patience?

My father-in-law had a procedure earlier this month - a arterilogram, then a stent and balloons to unblock areas in his leg and improve circulation. All went well with that.

Note about my father-in-law: On a 1 to 10 level, with 10 being the least amount, my FIL's patience level is 12 and I think it runs in the family.

He spent the night and the doctor came in the morning and said he could go home. He dîd not tell him they needed to do one more test and wait for the nurse to come with results. Waiting . . . . . . . . . Until mid afternoon with him chomping at the bit to get out of there.

Hopefully this procedure will help him with the pain and tiredness in this leg and in a few months will have the other one done.

He is the type of person who has to stay busy ALL the time. At 85 years old, he has slowed down SOME, but still can't sit still.

HD & I stopped by yesterday afternoon and found him laying the yard again - digging up crab grass. I don't have that much energy now and am sure I won't at 85! He's tough!

Honey, I like the house but not that gas range. . .

No problem, that can be wired for your nice Maytag electric range. . . just need a breaker, box, wire and plug.

Now to cut the hole for the plug. . .
1st try - Honey is that a 2 X 4 stud right in the middle of that spot?.
2nd try - Honey, was that a gas pipe or a water pipe in that one?
3rd try - Honey, how many studs are in this wall?
Aha, found a spot close to the floor and it is clear.

The breaker box is right on the other side of the wall in the laundry room so the wire will come through BEHIND THE WATER HEATER !!

But it turned out very nice and he did a great job as always. I love my electric stove!

My HD is a very nice guy to go to all this trouble for me. I don't thank him nearly as often as I should for all the "Honey Do's" or tell him how much I love him.

Our anniversary was the 24th and we celebrated 44 years of marriage!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving is a chore. . .

 We were also use to 9 ft ceilings with lots of overhead storage. We are feeling the effects of going from a 2400 sq ft house to one just under 1600 ft. We just have too much STUFF! Downsizing is a good thing.


We have the office set up with the computers and a love seat and futon there as well.

The entertainment center is in a smaller living area with couch, chair and tables. Now, if we can just get some dependable tv reception in there - without the "WEAK or NO SIGNAL"!! I would mention how I feel about the HDTV but will save it for another blog -or maybe not!

Both bedrooms are set up. We are still working on getting pictures hung.

I have pretty well set up my sewing room, but have some concerns about the carpet. 

My ironing board is not too steady on it and I caught my iron just before it hit the floor. Also my roll around chair -DOESN'T - on the carpet.

My room is large enough but the closet is much smaller than the one that my HD custom built for me at the old house.

The "old house" was a 100 year old church that we remodeled into a home and did it our way.

 The kitchen and dining is working out nicely. 

HD installed a storm door at the back with a dog door in it for our 16 year old baby, Dora.

We are hoping that our portable building can be moved to our back yard. It would be a lifesaver since we have not started moving things from the old garage, shop, RV cover or the building. 

We are concerned whether the building can be maneuvered by hand between the tree and the house, using plywood and poles to slide it. We are going to give it a try when the ground dries out some. That will be another blog!

On the upside of moving, we are so enjoying being closer to family. Also shopping is so much more convenient, rather than being so far that it takes all day to run errands. Traffic is a bit different here - it's not like our previous rush hour being two cars at the four-way stop!!

But we are making some progress - we can get my little "toaster" car in the garage but not HD's big truck. In the garage, we still have boxes with fabric, garage sale items, misc boxes and large bags of teddy bears.

We are gettin' there!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

She's Here!!


We have a new grandchild - a beautiful little girl named Kalina Michael. She arrived March 4th at 9:26 a.m.  in Sofia, Bulgaria weighing in at 6 lb 13 oz and was 19.3 inches long. Mother, Lili and baby are doing fine. Daddy, Mike welcomed them home from the hospital. This is Mike and Lili's first.

 Here is the family leaving the hospital on their way home. Mike, Lili, Kalina, Lili's Mom, Toni and a hospital friend.



She looks to have a good set of lungs!!


We so wish we could be there to welcome Kalina but will have to rely on Lili's Mom, Toni, and Grandma, Babetta, for that and for a bit of spoiling! We hope to take our turn later this summer.

Congratulations to Mike and Lili. She is beautiful!