Monday, September 27, 2010

. . . and it's all HER fault !

She did it - she got me started on cilantro. Now I've got  to have it - in my salads, on my sandwiches, casseroles, quesadillas, - everything!

Thanks, Rosario, I didn't know what I was missing before you introduced me to it.

My dear daughter-in-law for the last 22 years (as of last Saturday). I know this was a hard anniversary for you with Jay in Afghanistan but I know you will have many more wonderful years together. And you ARE an AWESOME Grandma!!

Love you.

Baby Shower for Brianna

My DD and I attended a baby shower for our 3rd great grandchild, due mid October. Jessica and Russ chose the beautiful name, Brianna, for her.

My daughter-in-law, Rosario, (the AWESOME Grandma) helped host the shower, along with Rosie (Jessica's Mom) and her sister, as well as family and friends.

I am very grateful that my DD drove us the 3 hours to Abilene in the rain. She is a very good driver and did well with the standard transmission after not driving anything but automatic for years. Hopefully I will be driving again soon - have not driven since knee surgery a month ago.

Of course we had to take a break from the rain on the way so we shopped for toy's for Daisy, our new chipin puppy.

The room where the shower was held, was beautifully decorated and many guests came with gifts and well wishes for this happy occasion.

We played games and winner in each received a prize. We guessed the count of cotton balls in two colors, jelly beans and bubble gum inside of large baby bottles.

We pulled clothes pins off a hanger using only one hand to see who could hold the most without dropping them -winner held 17 clothes pins in one hand !

We pulled off yarn to guess how much it would take to go around Jessica's tummy.

For people with weak stomachs, skip over the diaper picture!!

We guessed the kind of baby food in four jars but the worst were the diapers. Four diapers with candy bars smushed into them (gross looking), and we had to guess the kind of candy bars.

It was a lot of fun and looked like Jessica received a lot of nice baby gifts. We had to leave before she opened most of them so we would not be driving late into the night.

We wish the very best for Jessica, Russ and the new bundle of joy!

Weak or no signal

Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal Weak or no signal

I am so sick of seeing that on my TV screen. What was wrong with the OLD TV system that actually WORKED ? ?

You could get reception from 100 miles away but now you can't get it within 20 miles and heaven forbid if you have trees in the way or the weather changes.

Why can't the powers that be make sure it will work for everyone BEFORE they FORCE it down our throats. Not EVERYONE can afford cable!

Do I feel better now? NO, I don't - so much for the new season TV shows !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's A GARAGE ! !

Finally, we got the garage cleaned out and my HD got his truck in there. It just barely does fit with the bumper into the front alcove but it does fit.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I love quilt shows - Trinity Valley

I really like seeing what other quilters do with the patterns, fabrics and designs for their quilts.  These pictures are just a very small portion of those displayed at the show. Very nice workmanship!

This one was colored using crayons.

This one is made with with selveges. Amazing. Waste not, want not.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Big door - little dog

Daisy has figured the "going out" part now! Yea!!

One problem with the big door is her ability to bring big things in to share with us - sticks, leaves, blossoms for Crape Myrtle, etc. Not to mention the crop of tiny ants she carried to the couch on that little body. So far, that I know of, nothing has gone out the door but I am sure that will change.

She has been piling her toys up on the rug just inside the door. We put down another rug for her and moved the toys but she took them right back.

She has a number of chew toys to keep her from chewing on pillows, blankets, me,  etc. She loves to steal my sewing stuff and go flying down the hall with it in her mouth. She really likes my lace but will preshrink any fabric she can reach and she reaches a lot !

She is a bundle of energy and goes 'til she runs out of juice, then rests up for the next round!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who is training WHO. . .

Daisy is training us . . . I mean WE are training HER!

She is doing much better about not using me for a chew toy with those tiny, sharp puppy teeth. HD has taken her on some walks around the block, which has helped with the sharp nails. Her little short legs don't make it all the way, so she gets carried part of the distance.

I wish I had some of her energy. She will go full speed ahead for a while, playing with and tossing toys, then she naps, and starts all over again.
I love our doggie door. It was built into the door when we bought it and is for a large dog. Daisy has the “coming in” down pat but is still working on the “going out” part. The flap is a bit heavy for her but she can push it open - she has trained us (temporarily) to open it for her. I know she can push it open because if I go outside and call her, she flies right thru it. Brat!!

She thinks she has the two LARGE black labs across the alley terrified of her - thinks she is bigger than they are.

She saw her reflection in the mirror and was just jumping and barking at the “other” puppy wanting to play with it. She was so cute.

I think she also has a jealous streak in her. I have some American Girl type dolls that I use for models when I make doll clothes. Daisy doesn't like them. It is OK if the doll is laying on the table, but if I pick it up, Daisy starts growling and barking, then crawls up on my shoulder and watches that doll. She is funny.

She had a wonderful time playing with DD's dog Sophie – all 65 pounds of her and the grandkids. They had a wonderful time chasing each other around the yard.