Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby Quilts

Cookie Monster Sesame Street 
Baby Quilt 
Quilt features Cookie Monster blocks alternated with solid teal blocks with a ¾ inch bright blue border and bound with a bright narrow multi-stripe fabric.

The backing is a bright multi-color fabric featuring buttons, stars, hearts and moons. Batting is low loft for a less bulky quilt.

A pillow with the pillowcase patchwork matching the quilt fabrics is included. The 

pillow is 7 1/2 X 12 inches. 
The quilt measures 31 ½ inches by 43 inches.

Cow Jumped Over The Moon Baby Quilt

This quilt would be perfect for any new bundle of joy. It has green, blue, gold and pink colors in it. The design is the cow jumped over the moon nursery rhyme with the coordinating backing fabric.

The binding is a medium blue using a Grandma's Garden fancy stitch for greater binding security. It is machine quilted around the outer edge with stitch in the ditch and diagonal stitch quilting all through the middle of the quilt. The quilt measures 34 inches by 43 inches.

"God's Gift to You" baby quilt
This brightly colored quilt features rainbows, clouds and stars with little people. The sayings written on it are wonderful . . . “Each day is God's gift to you, make it blossom and grow”, “Love makes the world go around” and “God is the light that fills you with love”.

I use low loft batting in my quilts. It has a beautiful blue background and is machine quilted with a scallop stitch. The binding is golden yellow fabric using briar design for a sturdier stitch.The backing is a blended blue with yellow and white stars. The quilt measures 31 inches by 44 inches.

She's not spoiled . . .

"The Pinup Girl"

Crazy Daisy” (as DD calls her) is such a sweet lovable puppy. It is not possible not to spoil her. She loves everyone and they like her. She is very playful and EMPTYS her toybox on a regular basis.

We found this green doggie bag for when we travel and Daisy loves it. She will run fetch a toy and dive into the bag. She is getting used to it so she won't mind it when we travel with her. She rides really well, short and longer distances. We took her to Cross Plains shortly after we got her

She sleeps in her kennel at night and for now stays in it when we are out running errands. She is doing great with the house breaking but we want to wait before giving her free reign of the house.

She is cutting teeth and chewing on EVERYTHING! I found one of her baby teeth on the floor. She fetches while we are watching TV at night. She grabs the toy we threw, runs at top speed back to the couch, jumps up from the foot stool to the couch and bounces off the back, like it is home base and she has to touch it. Sure is funny to watch.

DD and I found this cute shirt for her. Actually we found two - can't remember what the other said. DD said this was the one she needs since HD is always saying that. Sure enough, he called me to let me know I forgot my meds and when I told him to get off my case, - he said "Bite Me" !

Also found a cute one for Christmas. It's a bit hard to read the text but says: "Naughty or Nice" !
She loves to snuggle with everyone.