Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pippi Longstocking . . .

I just had to post more pictures of Kalina as Pippi.  It was a perfect Halloween costume for her!

Just had to have Pippi's Mom in here too!


We took off in our trusty F250 truck pulling our 5th wheel headed for Amarillo. Of course the wind was blowing in the wrong direction - always against us. We stopped at a rest area close to Electra, where we discovered a tire coming apart on the trailer. Put the spare on, even though it was the wrong kind, wrong size and low in air.  We drove back a few mile to a station, bought two new tires and were on our way again.

We had a great visit in Amarillo. We stayed at Mom's in the lot beside the house, in our 5th wheel.  Mom, June & Dozer (June's dog) are doing well at Mom's house. Mom is looking good. We visited some on the back deck where June was rocking her baby Dozer. :o) So glad that June is there to help out.

Daisy & Darlin' had a great time with everyone. They played with Dozer a lot, between taking his toys and trying to eat his bones & food and taking over his dog bed!! They also played with Haley & Comet (Teresa's dogs).  We also saw Teresa, Barbara, Fred, Joe Pat and Marg. I did not think to get pictures of everyone.

Darlin' is a little terror (but very cute) !! She reminds us of a cat the way she raises up on her hind legs and pounces. I do wish I would have been inside to take a video one morning. Seems that Darlin' removed a kleenex from June's robe pocket (while she was sitting on the couch)and took off with it. June said she chased that little black devil all around the living room 'til she cornered her behind Mom's chair where she dropped it. Would have made a great video!!!

Both our pups loved Grandma's chair AND Grandma's lap! June fed them carrot pieces and tried to get them to play tug of war with a big carrot.

It was good to see Fred and to hear that he will be helping out with the Hospice program. Good for them and for him. Marg was getting ready for a trip to Cambodia with Doug.

With the weather forecast calling for snow, we left and headed for Austin by way of Cross Plains. There, we stayed at the local motel's RV park there. It was SUPPOSED to have internet. NOT !!  I could not even get 3G on my phone in that area, just that big "E".

We caught up with old friends at the Senior Center and got lots of hugs along with a great meal. They still have some really good cooks! It was so good to see everyone there.

We drove by our old house in Cross Plains and visited with neighbors there. Looks like the new owners are taking really good care of the place. They send some pictures last month of some improvements they have made to the back yard – just beautiful!

We drove to Brownwood and visited with good friends there- was really great to see them. We miss the people so much from Cross Plains and Brownwood area. Big city living has it's advantages but you can't beat the people in small towns!!

From Cross Plains we went to the Austin area and. Found a really nice KOA RV park in Leander. Very convenient for visiting with Jay & family in Leander and Mike & family in Cedar Park. The park is very nice, clean and quiet.

The pups and Coco had a good time playing. Darlin' grabbed Coco's bed and used her monkey for a pillow so Coco grabbed Darlin's bone.



When Kalina sees us, she alternates between calling "Grandpa" (in Bulgarian) or "Dais e e e" !!  We enjoyed seeing her dressed as Pippi Longstocking and Lili's pigtails to match. Would like to have seen Lili also with freckles but she took them off earlier.  So cute for Halloween!!

We did make it to a football game where Todd was playing his trombone in the band . . . On the coldest night they have had this year! We like to froze our ____'s off. We left early and while Rosario took us to the trailer, Jay called to let us know they won the game.

 We really enjoyed the visit with everyone and hope to get away more often. Thanks everyone for a great visit!

Friday, November 4, 2011

See the tree . . . how big it's grown -

 This picture was taken in 2004.

 These two were taken the end of October - different angle - same beautiful tree!

We took a drive out to Cross Cut and checked to see how the "goat ranch" was looking.  It looks great really being taken care of. The one little tree that survived, of all we planted, is big and beautiful.