Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the season . . . Or maybe not.

I saw an ad on Craigs list from a single mom "desperately" wanting a playpen for her daughter and asking you to text her if you had one. We had one that was too small for a granddaughter so I texted to see if she still needed one. She said yes, she would take it and come the next MORNING for it. I told her we would be home in the MORNING.

Then she texts again asking if we live close to Pizza Hut and her friend could pick it up on the way to get pizza. I gave approximate location and she asked for address, which I gave her. She texts that she would have to wait until next MORNING.

Next morning, since we would be out back of the house, I text her to call first and she said she would. We wait . . . Finally I text that we have a meeting in the afternoon so she needs to pick up before noon. She texts that she will not have a ride until AFTER 2:00 pm!! SINCE WHEN IS 2:00 pm MORNING??

I waited several hours to respond and told her that we would be home the following MORNING but after that our schedule was full. She said she would get it then. Next morning at 6:14 am (while I WAS asleep), she texts wanting to know if her friend can pick it up on his way to work - between 7:00 and 7:30 am. I tell her it is on the front porch and she asks what the address is (again).

Someone picked it up. A few minutes later, She texts one final time (I hope) to say she loves it and Merry Christmas. Was I wrong not to text Merry Christmas back?

Next time I have something to give away, I will do Craigs List "curb alert" - first come first serve!