Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sewing Room Floor Finished!

These pictures show the room when we were working on the closet shelving.

My closet shelving.

 HD finished putting the laminate down yesterday in my sewing room.
Here is how it looked without carpet and with one sheet of plywood underlayment down.

We got most all the furniture and boxes in our guest room except for my long countertop work surface. It had to go in the hallway with not much room beside it.

But I managed to squeeze thru and HD had no problems at all.

 My little swingaway computer shelf could be a real head banger so I hung a reminder piece of fabric on it.

HD had to notch the trim around the doorways for the laminate to fit under.

Guess the hardest part - other than the closet was the fact that the pier and beam sometimes tends to droop and it is hard to get the laminate lined up to click in place but it went pretty good, other than bruised knuckles from wayward hammers!


The filing cabinet is FULL of thread.

Top bookshelf is all quilt books.
The loveseat for HD and my "pre-shrinkers".
Daisy & Darlin' (pre-shrinkers)

Granny keeps watch over my sewing room for me with her helper.

I do have plenty of fabric!!!

My main machine and serger.

Did I mention I have plenty of fabric? The closet - it needs organizing badly.
The thread in the door is machine embroidery thread.

I RELOADED the room today.  I love the floor. It looks so nice and will be so easy to clean up all the threads and bits of fabric.  I keep the fabric up off the floor pretty well since I have two "pre- shrinkers" that claim anything that hits the floor is theirs.
  Such a pretty floor! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Homemade Greek Yogurt

HD has been making nonfat yogurt for a several months now. I think he has it perfected.

He first used store bought Greek yogurt as his starter but now uses some of his own to start the next batch. This time he made a double batch.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Has It Really Been 46 Years?

 It doesn't seem like it. We have been through good times and bad times but with give and take from both of us, have made it with many blessings - three great children and their spouses, six beautiful (and handsome) grandchildren and three great grandchildren. God has blessed us in so many ways through the years. HE has always been with us each step of the way. He has blessed me with a good man and I am keeping him!!

We have certainly changed since these early pictures.

Good Times:

AND he is still keeping his eyes on me!

 Bad Time after HD's heart attack in 2008. . . but God was looking after us.

and the many friends I wish I had pictures of. 

and here we are today and with God's blessings we will have many more years of love and happiness.