Saturday, October 13, 2012

Recycle - Help For Philippine Mission

Check out this website for places to get some great recycled products for a worthy cause. Using recycled paper products and plastic bags, they make necklaces, bracelets, change purses and purses.

These are the ones I got.

"The fish played an important part in the story of Jesus. The FISH BRACELET is a reminder of several aspects of that story.
The recycled paper FISH BRACELET is made of recycled slick magazine pages. Like you and me, each bead is unique. They are individually made by cutting a triangle from a page, applying glue and rolling on a reed to make the bead. The small, round beads in between are made of coconut wood.During the Christian persecutions the fish was secret code for the faithful. The Greek initials for Jesus Christ, God, Son, Savior or, ICHTHUS, spelled fish in Greek. Businesses today, use the fish to indicate they have Christian business standards.

One of the first miracles of Jesus involved luckless fishermen who had caught nothing. Jesus told them where to fish and they could not bring in the overfilled nets. He then called Peter, Andrew, James and John to be fishers of men.

Jesus said. In John 6:35, “I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE, WHOEVER COMES TO ME WILL NEVER GO HUNGRY” He said this to explain his miracle of feeding the five thousand. He meant this in a spiritual sense.You can tell this story on your bracelet.

Twist your bracelet so it is flat and resembles a loaf of flat round bread like you would find in the Holy Land. Jesus took 5 of these loaves and two fish and fed 5000 people. Your bracelet is the shape of two fish when it is on your arm.

There are some FISH BRACELETS that tell the Salvation Story. 
Their color scheme is: 
Black, which represents our sinful souls without Jesus. 
Red is for the Blood of Christ. 
White indicates our souls after they have been cleansed by Christ’s blood. 
Green, like springtime, indicates new growth in Christ. 
Gold is for an eternal home in Heaven. 

Wearing your FISH BRACELET is an easy way to let people know you are a Christian and tell a part of the story of the Gospel.
For more about paper jewelry and other products go to
Philippine Mission

FISH BRACELET sales help fund a Philippine livelihood program that stresses TRADE NOT AID. Buying these cottage industry products help people to feed themselves, educate themselves and become spiritually strong.. This livelihood program goes hand in hand with a husbandry and agricultural self help program.

Paul Reeves 


Azle Rock School 100th Anniversary

My DH and I went to the Azle Rock school 100th Anniversary this morning.  He attended that school in 1951 when it was THE school in Azle, elementary thru high school. There have been so many changes since he was there, it was hard for him to recognize with part of it being new additions.
There were displays of many years from the beginning of the school in the 1930's to current.

Even some small replica's of a rock school.

Seems like the early colors were purple and gold and the school team was the Eagles.

 According to DH, this Robotic class used to be the principal's office. It is right inside the front door and he seemed VERY familiar with it!

He mentioned that the door on the right was where he got into trouble at one time.  Now this is the Special Education Office.

There were also some vendor booths with tshirts, jewelry, wooden crosses  and other items.  I purchased some bracelets made from recycled paper to benefit a Philippines Mission. 
 Also had to have this wooden sign of Faith.

 The bounce houses for the kids did a booming business.

 DH saw some old school friends and probably were more there that he did not recognize.

 This picture was the 1957 students and teachers.

 I got a close up of my DH in the above picture.

We enjoyed the tour through the school and the various displays, vendor booths and activities.

New Kindle Fire Lessons

My DH has talked me into a new way of using my Kindle, since it has not been updating and a couple of my apps no longer worked. It has now been rooted and flashed and now thinks it is a Nexus 7.

I am really pleased with it even though it will take me some time to learn it and all I can and cannot do. I just learned NOT to accidentally hit the PESKY KID button or it will lock you out of what you have selected!!  :-\

I just transfered photos off my phone onto it and that worked really well. I thought I`d try the blogger to see how it works. I am still learning how my "Nexus 7" works with pictures so posting them will come later.