Saturday, December 29, 2012

Visiting with Grandpa.

Two most welcome visits to Grandpa at the nursing home.  

DD and two grandchildren met us at the nursing home on Christmas Eve morning for a nice visit with Grandpa.

On the 28th, DS, DIL and granddaughter (from the Austin area)  met us at the nursing home for a good visit with Grandpa.

Pictures are a bit fuzzy with lighting not the best and constant motion of a two year old!   :o)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in Leander 2013

Mike, Russ, Jay

Lili, Jessica, Rosario
We had an early Christmas with our two sons and their families last weekend. We missed our daughter and family being there but had to share them this year with her inlaws. Sons, daughters-in-laws, granddaughter, two grandsons - one of them with his wife and our two great granddaughters and great grandson were all there.

Ryan, Brianna, Amorina

Todd, Jessica, Russ


Jay, Russ

Our little "toaster" car was packed full between packages, food, clothes and all the necessities for our fur babies (kennels, food, toys, etc.) Yes, they are spoiled!
Our little 'home away from home' works out well for our visits with our sons in the Austin area. It is perfect for us and our fur babies to stay in while visiting. Thank you, Jay & Rosario for letting us keep it in your back yard.

Jay set up a movie theater in his garage using a sheet and projector. The kids (and a big kid) watched the movie Brave.

Then there was the cookie decorating session using sugar cookies, frosting and tubes of colored icing along with sprinkles.  Jay had to decorate one as an example and show how good it is to eat!

 They liked decorating but weren't much on eating them after ward.

 Santa Jay passed out gifts to all the kids first then a few more to everyone before our Chinese gift exchange. We were not bashful about 'stealing' gifts from each other either!

 Rosario is a great cook! She fixed turkey, gravy, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and rolls. We brought pumpkin bread, a cherry pie, pumpkin pie and sugar cookies.  I took pictures but can't find them. :o(
Our Bulgarian daughter-in-law, Lili, treated us to a Bulgarian Christmas Bread or Koledna Pita. This is one special aspect of the the Bulgarian Christmas Eve meal. It is a round loaf of bread, into which a coin is baked. The person who finds the coin will be rewarded with good fortune. Our daughter-in-law's bread tradition, in addition to a coin, is to have everyone write short little fortunes, (including some for children) on small slips of paper the day before. They are then folded quite small, wrapped individually into aluminum foil and baked into each slice of the bread. Everyone gets a fortune but the coin is said to be the best one.
I had a few slices of bread and these were some of mine. I can't share one as it was "R" rated!! ;0) There was a special section of the bread for children's fortunes. It is a beautiful loaf of bread too!!
 I enjoyed all my fortunes but the one below was VERY special. I don't know who wrote it but it is something that is CONSTANTLY in my prayers. With all the family schedules going in different directions and at time personality conflicts, I pray that schedules might match, differences can be overlooked or forgiven and that my wish for a peaceful, loving family will happen and remain all the days of our lives with the grace and peace of God our Father.

Coco's chin rest!

We had a good time and brought an extra fur baby home with us (a familiar visitor to our home) to keep for Jay and Rosario while they visit distant family. Coco is very well behaved and gets along great with Daisy and Darlin'.

Middle car seat full of fur babies!
Coco, Darlin' and Daisy