Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Family Calendars 2013

This has been a busy year so I didn't have a lot of time to spend on the cover page for our family calendars but I think what I did put on it, speaks to ALL Moms.

 I made sixteen calendars for my side of the family, four for our immediate family and four for DH's side of the family.

I put the calendars together, keep up with new additions or corrections and come up with a new cover page each year.

A generous brother and sister-in-law provide funds for them ( print cartridges, printing costs, mailing, etc.)

 I appreciate their help very much as I know we all enjoy the calendars with all the family birthdays and anniversaries listed there.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sewing Lessons.

Saturday morning, our oldest granddaughter and I started some sewing lessons. I had given her some things to embroider and sew as well as a tool kit with scissors, needles, tape measure , pins, etc. to encourage her. My daughter had gotten her started with a sewing machine several months ago.

Two of the small projects I gave her were a small pillow with ladybugs and a ladybug mug rug (a small quilted placemat for a snack and drink).

We started with the mug rug and she had a little trouble keeping her seam even so I found that my 1/4" machine foot for my Janome fit on the Kenmore machine I set up for her to use. After that she did really well. She did all the sewing on her mug rug except sewing close around the edge - even the quilting! She also did most of her pillow, which she made for a friend.

She then decided she would like to make mug rugs for her Mom, Dad and her two brothers. That was quite a job for a 7 year old and ONE day. So Grandma helped. She did some of the work on each one - putting fronts together, stitching front, batting and backing together, marking, quilting the lines, turning them or trimming the threads.

She chose the fabric for each from my stash. For Mom, fabric with sewing items; Dad some with games; oldest brother one with Saturn and green trim (his color); and her other brother, who loves animals, fabric with all dogs.

It was a busy day but we got it all done and she gave them out yesterday after church. We had a great time!