Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haircuts & Granddaughters -

Both our granddaughters recently got haircuts and they are adorable!! Love them both. Such beautiful girls!

Miss "Em" had really long beautiful red hair and decided to donate to "Locks of Love", a very nice thing for her to do. Here is her new look:
 Now little Miss Kalina's hair was not that long but the new look on her is great! Here she is:

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Friend's 50th Anniversary Party!

 Our friend's children had a 50th anniversary party for them at our fellowship hall at church this afternoon.

It was beautiful! The decorations were outstanding. They had lots of pictures and a slide show from early years to present of themselves and their family.


 Lots of good food too.


 John and Carolyn renewed their wedding vows and John and two sons sang a song to Carolyn.

  A good crowd was there to congratulate them and wish them many more years of happiness. Their children did a great job. Their daughter planned it out and had lots of help from Leta, a church member known for her good taste and decorating abilities.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bridal Showers and June Weddings!

Our youth minister's wedding is on one Saturday this month and the following Saturday, one of the deacon's daughters is to be married.

Here are pictures from Kristie and Jon's shower.

Happy Birthday, Helen!

 Happy Birthday, Helen! We love you.

We celebrated her husband, Dennis's 90th birthday back in February, now it was Helen's turn to turn 90 years old. What a great couple who inspires so many with their love of the Lord and others!
 Dennis & Helen with their children.

The church planned a surprise party for her but I think someone might have spilled the beans and she knew about it.   She had a basket full of cards as well.


We sang happy birthday to her and several people told about how she inspired them on their journeys.

 We had a really good turnout to wish her well on her birthday.

Forgot a "before" picture of all the good foods!

The cake went over very well!!

It was a great party and lots of fellowship.