Monday, July 22, 2013

Azle Church of Christ VBS 2013

Azle Church of Christ's VBS (Vacation Bible School) was held on July 13th and was REALLY GREAT!!! So much preparation went into this and the children came. We were expecting about 60 kids and had over 100. This was from our bulletin this week after VBS.

Amongst other things, VBS means Very Busy Saints, and our VBS was such a huge success because of the hard work and great effort of so many.   Children and adults have all had good things to say and everybody had a really wonderful time.  The ice cream part was another great success and I don’t remember a time when we had so many cookies and so much ice cream left over.  Thank you for your hard work and great effort.  This was a truly great V.B.S.; we praise God for all the blessings.   We had 101 children in attendance!!!  WOW!!!

We did do some advertising besides lots of posts shared on Facebook.

Flyers went out to anyone who would let us put them in their store windows. The door hangers were well circulated as well.

Beautiful decorations and beautiful people were in abundance. It was nice to be a part of it all. Here I will share some of the pictures in collages, because I took so many.
This picture was the decoration in the auditorium. The scenery was painted on cardboard by one of our church members. She did a wonderful job as did one member who planned much of the scenery and booths.

The fellowship hall looked so good with all the streamers and banners on the walls with the fruit of the spirit theme.  Classroom reflected the theme of Fruit of the Spirit with their decorations. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness & Self Control.

We all sang songs, listened to a skit about patience. The kids went to class before partaking in a good lunch and fun booths to keep them entertained. It was great!

My DH and I took pictures of kids and printed them so they could take them home.

 One very popular booth was the stick horse booth. Little kids (and one BIG kid)  lined up to ride the stick horses around the booth with music playing.

Everyone enjoyed the popcorn booth, the country store and the face painting booth.
The bounce house was a big hit as well.            
We were privileged to have a presentation from the Fire Department from Briar, Texas. The children also got to see the fire truck and climb inside.

We had a "Stump the Wise Men" booth as well so kids could ask questions. Children earned tickets from various sources and used them to pay for booth rides and items.

The registration table was very busy getting everyone signed up and name tags done. Most booths were inside but there were some outside as well.

This picture shows the BIG kid riding the stick horse.  Looks to me like the little cowgirl was showing him the correct way to ride. Ride 'em cowboy, Monte!!

Our preacher was enjoying a snow cone and an elder was all decked out in costume for his booth. The ladies in the kitchen did a wonderful job getting everyone fed!

Booths included: Snow Cone, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Jump House, Ring Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Duck Pond, Balloon Dart Game, Spin-A-Prize, Milk Carton Toss Game, Putting, Races-Potato Sack, Tug-O-War, etc.

Lots of good fellowship visiting went on as well.
I think everyone had a great time.

The kids left with bags of goodies prepared for them, the pictures we took and will receive attendance certificates for their participation.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

These little pieces of paper are 48 years old . . .

Yep, it will be 48 years ago on the 24th of July that I went on a blind date set up by a fellow telephone operator, gave him my name and phone number and look what that led to! I am still trying to figure out the look on his face – was it “I finally did it!” or “What have I done?” Either way, I caught a good one and he’s not gettin’ away!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stay Outta My Kitchen . . .

when I am making chicken pot pies!

My DH volunteered to go to the grocery store to buy some things I need to make my pies (which he REALLY likes). When he returned (and he did get all the right stuff), he found my kitchen like this! He could not even find a place to sit the groceries down - had to put them in the dining area on the table!

He thinks he could give me a 20 foot by 30 foot countertop and I would fill it up and he is probably right!! LOL

Oh, and one other thing . . .

Don't wear black when you're messing around with flour!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another August Baby Due.

We frequent a little Chinese restaurant and found that one of the ladies working there is due to have her baby about the same time as our new granddaughter will arrive. I decided to make her a baby quilt to welcome her baby daughter into the world.

I had a small piece of very pretty fabric with fans on it and used it in conjunction with some pretty white on white floral fabric for lattice and the backing. I took pictures of the quilt top but forgot to take some of the finished quilt. I quilted it in a close meandering stitch. We delivered it to her today and she was very surprised and happy.

Plus One's Quilt

We made a baby quilt for our granddaughter due in August. We shipped it off to them in Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago and they received it last week. They kept the theme of monkeys following from their first daughter. I made the quilt top,

. . . . DH quilted it

and I put the binding . . .

   . . .and label on.

I left a blank line for her actual name to be written in but could not resist the alias names. When big sister, Kalina asked what the baby's name should be, she said "Broccoli". And parents have not decided on a name so they have been calling her "Plus One".

Project: Church Monitor


My DH assisted with a hefty project at our church. A monitor was needed for the preachers and song leaders to be able to see what the congregation was seeing on the big screen that is being controlled from the sound room at the back of the auditorium.

Our benefactor chose a 60 inch TV (about 80 pounds with the mount), for this purpose. Choosing the location up high to keep from blocking the big screen from anyone's viewing was a challenge. A member brought his scaffolding and it was well used to put the mount and monitor in place. Benches were unbolted and moved to get the scaffolds and ladder in place.

Getting the right cables and connections to make the computer talk to both monitors was also a challenge. When all is set, there is a remote available that will allow those at the podium to change the slides themselves if they want.

It was a day of celebration today to see all monitors displaying the same thing after fighting  to get old technology to talk to new technology for a couple of weeks. Love it when a plan comes together!!