Monday, October 28, 2013

Special Friends . . .

We made a lap quilt a while back for some special friends, Angie and Tom. As soon as I saw the fabric, I knew it had to be for them. I made the quilt top and my DH quilted it. The Lord fills these two people up and that love flows out to everyone around them. Our family is blessed with their love and  friendship. Thank you guys!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cross Quilt Beginnings

Cross Quilt Beginnings

I don't always plan out the quilts that I make, in fact, I rarely do but generally have an idea of what design I want. However I started some blocks just to keep busy, not having any idea what I would use them for.

A friend, who knows I quilt, gave me some scraps someone left at our church.

 There were lots of brown, green, yellow and teal pieces of fabric.
I cut three inch strips  and stitched two different colors together on two sides then cut them diagonally, flipped them and stitched together. It takes a LOT of three inch blocks to make a quilt!!

 I forgot that I had already packed my quilt books so I searched the internet for patterns  but didn't find anything that struck my fancy.

I remembered a picture I saw several months ago and saved it - now where did I save it?? Finally located it on my desktop (among the hundreds of other pictures on there).
I had enough blocks to make the center of my quilt but will have to wait to finish until we get moved - I already packed my fabric as well!! Anyway, here is the start of my quilt.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Magdalena Michael

I have been remiss about posting to my blog for several months. We have had a lot going on and the next few months may be pretty busy as well, depending on how some things work out but will try to put inputs in now and again.

 Magdalena Michael


Beautiful Family!!
 Magdalena Michael, our newest granddaughter was born August 19th in Bulgaria. She was pretty small but healthy and welcomed by Mom, Dad and big sister Kalina. 

There was much speculation about what her name would be. When asked what her new sister's name should be, Kalina (our three year old granddaughter) replied "Broccoli".  Our son and daughter-in-law called her "Plus One" until she was born and gave her the name Magdalena Michael.

They call her Maggy. Her great grandmother (my grandma on Dad’s side)  was called "Maggie" as well as one of my cousins.

It will be awhile before we get to see her in person but are getting picture updates and hope later to see her on Skype. She is a beautiful baby!!