Friday, December 6, 2013

What NOT to do when helping clean yard. . .

While DH was running the riding mower, mulching up leaves, I was helping by picking up sticks, tree branches, etc. I picked some up from the patio and not realizing how close I was to our pickup topper (stored on stands and parking for riding mower), turned around right into the corner of the opened back window. Ouch!!!

I will definitely pay more attention to my surroundings from now on. Just glad the damage is on the outside of my eye. I think keeping ice on it after I did it definitely helped on swelling and kept from bruising worse.

No wise cracks from my kids or there will be no sugar cookies, pumpkin bread, cherry or pumpkin pie for Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fresh Apple Cake From Friends

Recently, some friends from church brought over a fresh apple cake, still warm from the oven. We love our church family! It was so good, I had to force myself to cut it up and freeze most of it to keep us from gobbling it down. Thanking the maker of this wonderful cake, I asked if she share recipes and she did.

Seeing that she made it in a bunt pan, I told her that I had a fancy pan I was going to try it in. I received in the pan Christmas gift exchange several years ago and had never used it (still in cardboard wrapping). I also made another in an old favorite pan. Both are now in the freezer.

It did really well in that pan. I do have a confession though - I forgot to put the nuts in both cakes - and I EVEN had the pecans!! :(

Guess I will have to FORCE myself to make another.  ;0) Thanks Evelyn and Dwayne!