Friday, May 29, 2015


I really misunderstood the concept of a medical website for all the doctors to access with my medical history. Sounded like a great thing so I didn't have to keep filling out and answering questions. Also so my information would be continuously updated and all my tests and vaccine info would be available in ONE place. NOT!!!

I am now up to SIX doctor website with some of my information on them, not up to date and some wrong. Most have places for results - which are not there- so I always request a copy for MY records. I saw a doctor this last week and am supposed to set up another one on one that I already have!!

And then on the news today, I heard about all your medical information could be compromised by identity theft. So do I have the doctors and hospitals delete my information? If the IRS can be hacked and leaked our information, it can happen to them as well.

I keep a good record of my health including doctor visits, procedures, surgeries, vaccines, test results, labwork, medications and allergies that I can and do print out when I go to the doctor. Why do I NEED six or seven doctor sites??