Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Change to Front of the House - Lubbock Project 5

The front of the house had sliding glass doors where the garage had been closed in. Since it is on the north side of the house, it would not work well with the cold north wind. We took the doors out and put a regular door in.

Then we added a nice storm door that our girls really like.

Storage Building - Lubbock Project 4

Since our shop building was a bit smaller than we had planned, we needed a place for storage so we built this portable building.


Our Shop Building - Lubbock Project 3

The weather and termites had pretty well destroyed this old building.

tearing down old building

The old building was attached to the fence so we had to take it down as well. There was no frame for the fence so we put one up.

This is our new shop delivered to our back yard

We laid out the building on the slab. There will be room behind the building and on one side for storage.

Jerry cut holes for the anchors going into the slab with his plasma cutter.

Center beam
The door is on the east side of the building at the corner.

Helper Annie

Starting on roof slope.

Oh my, how did this picture get in here?

Welding up side braces.

Door is installed.

Siding on walls installed.

Corners partial sheet trimmed with plasma cutter after attached.

 Roof is put on after all walls are done.

Cutting for correct length with plasma cutter.

Cutting hole for window.

Front Window facing East.

 Rear Window facing North.

 Nice looking shop!!!