Sunday, June 26, 2016

Portable Garage

We needed a bit more temporary storage The cost of these garages are a bit high but I found one on Craig's list for about one 5th the cost of a new one. 

It didn't look too good in the torn up boxes but low and behold it is in great shape. The only part that had been previously set up was the top. The sides and ends were still in the original packaging. It has three zippers in the front door panel. We did have to buy new ball bungee cords as the old ones were all stretched out from the heat in storage.

It works out great for us and later could be used in other ways - garage sale, picnic cookouts . . .

New Tile!

I know it looks like we are moving in again but we had to move all furniture out of the rooms to be tiled. Even with the couch blocked, Coco still found a way to get up in her favorite spot!

The tile in in - well most of it. check out bottom picture. We decided to go with the same tile throughout, leaving carpet in the living room and bedrooms. Bedroom carpet will be replaced, though. We really like the gray color we chose for the tile.

 After they pulled the carpet up, they discovered tile under it so they had to scrape it all up as well.

 We had them remove the different tile in front of the front and back doors so we would have the same tile there.

When they went to remove the old tile in the master bath, they discovered the shower was leaking under the tile and into the linen closet. After we replace the shower, they will finish the tile in there.