Thursday, June 15, 2017

Handy Husband Projects

I have this cart next to the couch so I can work on projects while watching TV in the evenings. When using it to cut on my cutting board, I kept running into the side since the top was recessed.

Jerry made me a top that hinges down behind it when not in use. It works great!! Thank you Jerry!!

He sealed the wood.

Then he put brackets on it to fit the top of the cart.

He painted it

It works really well for my evening cutting table!

He attached aluminum slats to the sides to use as hinges and put a spring chain to hold it flush against the back of cart when not in use on top.

Next project he did for me was a way to hang my quilts so I could take good pictures of them.

He installed two brackets on top of our massive 12 foot king sized bed headboard. These are for a bar to rest against. I attach pieces of shoestrings to the quilt and slide over the bar to hang them. This works much better than laying them on the bed to take pictures.

We screwed two rods from shelving together for the long rod. It lays right on top of the headboard

This is one of the last larger ones that I quilted. I call this one Peony Garden.

This picture of my little cowboy/cowgirl quilt came out really good using the hanger he made.

He also made me a holder for my machine foot pedal. A good friend made me one from fabric but it still slides around on our tile floor so I am forever hunting for it. This wooden one keep it securely in place and I love it. He still wants to paint if for me if I can stay off of it long enough. LOL

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  1. I see you are keeping Jerry busy. Sorry that the foot pad didn't work but looks like you have a good substitute. Love the pictures of your quilts.