Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Goodbye little Scion!

Goodbye little "toaster" car. You gave us very good service for eleven years. Such a fun little car to drive. I remember when we first got you, Jerry said he was going to paint you like a McDonald's happy meal and put a handle on top!!

 I hope the new owners love you as much as we did. New young lady owner will have to learn how to drive a stick shift but she won't have problems learning.

You made a great ambulance for the drive from Cross Plains to Abilene getting Jerry to the hospital after his heart attack. Never would have believed you  could do 105 miles an hour but you did good!

Thanks to son, Jay for "doctoring" this picture for us back in 2008.

We will miss you.

Here is your replacement.

 A Ford Escape is bit larger and heavier. Less fuel mileage but a safer car on the roadways. It has more bells and whistles than you had and I really like them.

 It will take me awhile to quit looking for the clutch and trying to shift gears with this one being automatic.

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