Friday, November 30, 2012

Chimala Mission and Hospital

 Chimala Mission and Hospital in Africa

Our church here in Azle helps out this mission by sending school supplies, and making diaper shirts, baby blankets and book bags for them. They will be sent off to them very soon.

I helped with a few of the very simple lightweight blankets. Just two pieces of fabric sewn together, turned right side out and stitched around the edges.  I put a fancy stitch around the edges of each blanket for more secure edges. Also made a few book bags from recycled nylon tent fabric.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pups Have Taken Over The Nursing Home!

 We finally felt comfortable taking both Daisy and Darlin' to visit Grandpa at the nursing home. The 'wild child' (Darlin') behaved nicely!

From the smiles, I would say he was very happy to see them and we hope to make these visits often.


 The girls could hear other people in the hallway and wanted to visit everyone. Before we left they did just that. Got petted from residents and staff alike.  Loved it!

Was a bit hard to get really good pictures with constant motion by pups and Grandpa.  Also glowing dog eyes.

This is the girl's puppy seat in the car.  They love to ride where they can see out and take naps.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Splenda Goodies

Not a Splenda recipe but a favorite low calorie cheesecake made with cottage cheese, Jello and Cool Whip.

 Seems like there is always more than fits in this pie crust but not enough for the BIG one so we have two extra servings.  :o) And that's OK!

 Adapted recipe from Mom's old cookbook using Splenda. It was "OK" but a bit dry (gulp).

Now this one does not look really good but I can assure you that it WAS.  It was a peach cobbler made with Splenda. Crust was very different from my usual pie crust but turned out good. Made with fresh peaches. Mmmm good.

"Scrapping" update -

I have finally finished all my blocks for this quilt. Just need to figure out whether I want a border, then add it to my stack to be quilted.

I really like this block and would like to make a whole quilt using black and white and call it "MOJO" !

Thanksgiving 2012

We had Thanksgiving at our daughter and son-in-law's this year.  They did a great job with the dinner. It was all very good.  Our contribution was ham and pumpkin pie.

We enjoyed the meal but most of all the visit!



 Turkey, Giblet Gravy and Ham

Stuffing, two kinds of cranberry sauce and sweet  potatoes.

We also had mashed potatoes and green beans.

 Cherry and Pumpkin Pie

And Emma made turkey place holders with her Dad's help.

These grandkids are growing so fast.  Emma is the only one NOT taller than her Grandma now!

Couldn't leave out Daisy Mae.  I didn't get pictures of all the dogs. They have two and were dog sitting three more!  Brave souls.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cruising Sisters and Visit with Mom!

Three of my sisters and a brother-in- law went on a seven day cruise to these
ports of Call:    Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico. They left after hurricane Sandy already had gone North, thank goodness.


I had a great visit staying with my 88 year old awesome Mom and my sister June's loveable spoiled dog, Dozer. June & Dozer live with Mom. He missed June very much but did pretty good. He had to be convinced that I would eat his food if he didn't!  I found him a little stuffed bear that rattles when he shook it and he really liked it.

 June told me Dozer would get “up close and personal” if he wanted something – like his food or to go outside.  He did--

Oh, and I can't forget Max, the cockatiel, who must be at least 30+ years old.  He kept wanting me to pet his head. He would bow it way down but I heard he sometimes likes to pinch you so I only did it once before that head came up and tried to get me.  He has been pretty quiet now. Years ago, he was so noisy, my DH threatened to stick him in the microwave and serve him up!

The neighbor has a large boxer that Mom and June have been slipping dog bones to thru the chain link fence. He is happy to get them and sometimes will stand up to the top of the fence to be petted.

Halloween was interesting with a barky dog. Every time a "goblin" would come to the door, I'd grab Dozer and take him to his jail (kennel) in the bedroom.  (I didn't name it "jail"- June did.) This was repeated through about 12 to 15 "goblins". I got my exercise.

Mom and I ran errands her and there. Also, Northwest TX Healthcare System sponsored a Diabetes Health Fair with many exhibitors and free chloresterol testing. Mom and I left early to check it all out since it was just from 8am to noon. There was a pretty good crowd there so I got in the line quickly to have the bloodwork done and results were mailed to me.  Then we checked all the tables with information and little handouts. They showed all the latest in testing supplies but Mom is happy with her old meter.

I saw three of my our brothers, Joe Pat, Robert and Harold and his wife, Pat. My 'cruisin' sisters, Teresa, June and Barbara and husband John. Also my brother-in-law Fred.


 I didn't get a picture of John, Fred or Dustin. Maybe next time.

 Oh, and saw a nephew,  Dustin, quite by accident. Mom and I went to Sam's for some groceries. While getting a cart, I thought I recognized him but was not sure. Asked Mom since she sees him more often. She didn't think so but he stepped over to us and she told him that he looked like someone we know. He said you ARE - you are my Grandma!! Funny - distant families not recognizing one another and Mom with so many grandkids,  great grandkids and great greats!

The cruise sounds like it was a lot of fun but I am not fond of the water so that is not for me. Glad they all had a great time.