Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jay & Rosario's 5th Wheel Remodel

Our son and daughter-in-law really did a great job remodeling the 5th wheel. They replaced the tile and the carpet but in some wood flooring in the hall and bathroom.

Also took the couch out and put in a double recliner to make watching TV more comfortable. Also put in a temporary extra air conditioner for the really hot Texas weather.

It really looks nice and will be a good place for them to live until they retire.

Dorcas Sewing October 17, 2015

Our third Dorcas sewing event was October 17th, 2015. We had a small group of ladies for this one.



I neglected to get a group picture but wanted to share their pictures.





And the 

 Many thanks to these ladies and those who could not attend but continue to sew for us at home.

And special thanks to our setup man. He set tables up and the electrical for sewing machines and irons.


adult bibs

lightweight small blankets

book bags

book bags

Count of finished items include:
36 Book Bags
43 Blankets
30 diaper shirts

With these in process:
23 diaper shirts
several more book bags and blankets.

Congratulations to all on great work!!

diaper shirts

Monday, October 19, 2015

New Bathtub Install

We discovered shortly after moving into the house that our bathtub had been painted white over the original blue. I was washing a hard plastic container and it scratched the white paint off. We decided to replace it, not realizing it was CAST IRON.

We bought a new tub and had quite a fight getting it to fit in the tight space. Finally got all the tile out and concrete chipped out that was behind the old tile. We got the tub in and it looks so nice. . . BUT it is an inch taller than the old one SO. . . there was no room for the spout cover. 

We decided to try redoing the plumbing by shortening the pipe coming down and putting a smaller nipple and elbow there to raise it up some. HD could not get the pipes apart and was afraid to put too much pressure and cause a leak. He did some research on Google and found the solution. He bought a small butane torch and it didn't take a minute of heat to get the pipes apart. That did the trick!

We are now ready to replace the tile around the tub and a small area on the floor next to the tub. We have never done this before but a friend has loaned us tools to help and Utube video also will help.


Maggy - October 2015

I had a wonderful visit with our oldest son and our youngest granddaughter week before last. She is a sweet girl!! We had a great time and I think Grandma made some points by taking Maggy a doll. Not sure if it was a good idea to take a couple of extra sets of clothes since that baby's clothes got changed more than Maggy's did.

She names all her dolls - BABY!!

This baby went everywhere with us - to HEB, to the resturants, to her Aunt Rosario's RV/house and on walks to the park.

She had a big day and fell asleep on the way home.

Baby with us at the restaurant.

Maggy sat at the table watching me sew and waiting for her new baby's little bear quilt. It started going everywhere with us as well.

The other doll was for her big sister, Kalina. She got it when she returned from her trip with her Mom.

I also made a doll quilt for Kalina.

I took two small purses for the girls as well. Maggy was not interested in hers until I showed her she could store Baby's extra clothes in it.

I don't know if you can see the swings that well but Maggy was in one and her Dad had to swing Baby in the other one!!!

At the Mall before went to the airport to pick up Mom and big sister, Kalina. Grandma had been reading a story before bedtime to Maggy. The night before the story was about a fire truck so that was the ride she decided on.